Galantino Family from Bisceglie in Italy

At Zest For Taste we are delighted to stock what we believe to be some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World. 

Galantino Azienda HouseHowever, not only does our olive oil have to taste fantastic (many are award-winning), provenance is also very important to us, mass production is definitely not our thing, we leave that to the big corporations.  Instead we prefer to support family businesses such as the Galantino Family from Bisceglie in Italy.  As well as their ever-popular Extra Virgin Olive Oils infused with Chilli, Truffle, Lemon and Orange available via our on tap system, we also now sell their beautiful Hand-Painted Ceramic Jars filled with Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a perfect gift at £14.99.

The family business dates back to 1926, when Vito Galantino had the foresight and determination to acquire a majestic Nineteenth Century mill-house, and turn it into an olive oil mill.  Since then, two generations of the Galantino family have run the mill, carrying it to the dizzying heights of quality.

The Olives are harvested from 15th October to 31st December, when they are at the perfect stage of ripeness, following the time honoured technique of hand gathering by shaking the branches of olive trees so that the olives fall gently onto canvas ‘hammocks’.  Witness to the quality of the olives is the care taken in yearly pruning, drip-irrigation, and ultra-modern detection techniques for monitoring the crop for pest control, thus reducing the use of approved pesticides to an absolute minimum.  The result is a premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Careful handling of the olives at the ultimate stage of ripeness, meticulous selection, washing and crushing in the great stone mills, cold pressing and centrifugal separation enhance the flavour and fragrance of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  After laboratory analysis and organoleptic assessment the oil is then certified.

Zest for Taste Ceramic BottleD.O.P
Protected Denomination of Origin

D.O.P certification is released by an independent body.  It guarantees the origin, quality and the typicality of the extra virgin olive oil which must be produced following strict guidance and analysis before being bottled.

Organic Farming
Organic farming techniques respect the environment, using only natural fertilizers and avoiding chemical product against parasites, thus guaranteeing that you will not find any residue in the finished product.  Galantino Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified by ICEA according to the laws of the EU and the USA (NOP certification).


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